Privacy Policy

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This is’s Privacy Notice: uses cookies to track it’s user’s for the purpose of navigating around as a logged in user only. does not share with third parties this information, unless required to do so under the jurisdiction of the laws of Union County, North Carolina, United States of America, or under the order of such jurisdiction by way of a court order.

Your email address is used for the purpose of lost passwords, communications between administration and it’s users when due cause is justified, such as potential for fraud or personal injury, and for the purpose of reporting when a person mentions you in a reply, which you may opt out of.  No users besides administration are able to view your personal email through this site.

For the purpose of security, JJH Servers and intelliStar Technologies, Inc. may record individual IP addresses of users passing through their servers, however, do not record an individual IP addresses activities other than that required under the above jurisdiction.

If you have concerns about your privacy, or the privacy policy in effect, please feel free to contact