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Historic Waxhaw Preservation Society
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What’s Up Waxhaw Facebook Page
Town of Waxhaw Facebook Page
Museum of the Waxhaw’s Facebook Page
Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department Facebook Page
Waxhaw Police Department Facebook Page
Things to do in Waxhaw Facebook Page

Land of the Waxhaw’s Facebook Page



General Map of Waxhaw

This is a general map of the current Town of Waxhaw and some locations selected.  On my wish list is for a sponsor to sponsor the purchase of the upgraded application with me to include multiple types of maps (maps of historical places, government, etc.) as well as detailed popup information on mouse over the location.  Please contact me if you’d be willing to help.

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I understand that by filling out the form I am asking to exchange website links to display on each parties website, and that there is no contract to the length of time, nor any fee associated with such, and that such link may be removed at any time by either party.  I offer in good faith, and like wise, that if the links are removed to notify the other party of such removal.  I also understand that this does not warrant a guarantee that such exchange shall take place, and that approval by both parties must be made before such exchange is made.  Links shall be placed within the first 2 layers of the home page, or on any links pages.


Our Sponsors

intelliStar Technologies, Inc., was formed in 2015, and provides technology services to the computer and online industries, including systems and application development, asset protection and recovery services, network security, domain brokerage services, domain and hosting services through JJH Servers, license management, SSL certification, VPN, Dedicated, and Cloud Servers, media protection and recovery, and network consulting.

intelliStar Technologies, Inc. takes new customers on a case by case basis, and does not openly advertise for business, offering services to those it feels best meets the needs of both intelliStar and their clients. They currently host and provide services to

Information on Becoming a Sponsor

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Sponsorship of is for those individuals, organizations, and businesses in the community that don’t wish to have a short running advertisement on the front page, and want to be recognized as helping this site function day in and day out.  The investment is minimal, and the return is big in satisfaction in knowing you’re helping this site continue, as well as a “Sponsored By” logo placed on our About Us page.  You will also be able to place a bio, about us, or other such page linked in the sponsor section (how you got here) for others to see.

The REQUIREMENTS of sponsorship are as follows:

  1. A link is placed on your companies website supporting, with the link back to this website, in one of the first 2 layers of pages, and on any “Links” page.
  2. There is no set contribution for becoming a sponsor, anything helps, but please bear in mind that with your contribution going not only for site upgrades, it also goes towards the work of placement of your logo or picture, not to exceed 150 x 150 px in size (Larger logos/pictures may be placed at additional cost).  You will also be allowed to write a ~1,000 character description to go along with your logo/image (if it’s 1,100 characters I’ll still accept it).  This may be edited up to 3 times after the final draft, per year.  Additional edits are at time/cost per edit.
  3. Submissions for descriptions must be made in either .DOC, .HTML or .TXT format.  .HTML coding must comply with HTML5 standards, cannot and cannot include background images, special referrer codes, javascript, or outside calls.
  4. You must do business in Waxhaw, North Carolina, or have a direct influence on Waxhaw, North Carolina.
  5. You may not use this sponsorship to promote a political party, politician, or political agenda.
  6. Advertising a discount is HIGHLY encouraged, but must be in the form of a “I saw you on”, and not a print to offer coupon.
  7. A mention on your Facebook feed of any nature, including “Go check out this new site,” is asked for.  Sponsors receive recognition on our Facebook Page as a Sponsor.

That’s a lot, but a little for what you get.  Additional contributions will gladly be accepted, and credit as a discount on on-site ads, as well as discounts from some of the other sponsors as a sponsor family member.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact me, Jeffrey Johnston, at and include “Sponsorship” in the subject heading, or fill out the form below.


Add to the Event Calendar

If you, your group, or business have an upcoming event that your think the people of Waxhaw should know about (not garage sales, yard sales, or things of that nature), and would like to include it on our Events Calendar, please let us know about it by filling out the form below.  We are looking for things like BBQ Cook-offs, Ghost Walks, Kids Educational Events, etc.  We will review the event to see if it meets our specifications, and if we have any questions, will let you know!  Thanks, Jeffrey Johnston

Add to the Timeline

We are proud to offer on a timeline that you can scroll back through the years to see events as they happen.  If you haven’t seen the timeline, you can see it here.  If you have any information that should go on this timeline, please fill out the form below so we may add it and keep the timeline growing!  Thanks, Jeffrey Johnston

Apply to become a Administrator

We are always looking for smiling faces to help around!  There is no monetary pay, but the satisfaction of help others learn about the Waxhaw Area, it’s history, and history making events makes up for any lack in dollars.  There is no set time requirement, however it is requested that you do allow for some commitment of time to the task as permitted.  Here are the descriptions of what each position entails:

  • Border Administrator – helps the lead administrator, Jeffrey Johnston, in the upkeep and running of the backend of the site, aids the forum administrators in maintaining a safe environment which all can enjoy, and offers technical assistance to the forum administrators as needed.  It requires more advanced knowledge of computers, and the administrator should have a basic understanding of Linux, WordPress, Shortcodes, and related items.  I will be willing to work with a technically adept person who does not meet all the requirements, should they be willing to learn and ask questions.
  • Forum Administrator – helps keep the forum safe from spam, answer users questions on forum operation, do forum “house cleaning”, and keep the forums alive.  The requirements I’m looking for here is administrators that are outgoing, socially friendly, yet not afraid to step in when needed.  Technical requirements are best suited towards individuals who have at least a basic understanding of computers, and are willing to learn now, and as new technologies are migrated into the site.
  • Historians – this is best suited for ANYONE who loves the areas history and can access the site.  Their main focus is to make sure information is accurate, answer questions, and provide new information to the site through research, or on a tidbit by tidbit fashion.

I am pretty open to training any position so long as you have the passion to learn, desire to contribute, and are interested in the Waxhaw Area.  If you’d like to be considered (no obligations or contracts), tell me a little about yourself in the form below and we can talk!  Thanks, Jeffrey Johnston

We are excited you are interested in helping us out, but you must first be a registered member in order to apply for these positions.